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firm profile

Schiller Law Group – Lawyers Serving New York City for more than 30 Years

For more than three decades, the skilled lawyers at Schiller Law Group have been serving the citizens and business of New York City.  Our team-oriented approach to problem solving maximizes your chances of receiving a favorable legal outcome. 

We can help you with a number of legal matters, including:

New York Lawyers Tirelessly Fighting for Your Rights

Our New York lawyers do everything in their power to help you receive a favorable legal outcome.  Even though you work with a single lawyer, our lawyers work together when problem solving.  This can lead to insights lawyers working on their own may not develop.

Some of the more frequent legal issues we encounter that fit within our service scope include

Tirelessly Advocating on Your Behalf

Our experienced New York lawyers take every step possible to help you receive a just legal outcome.  If you need our help with any of these areas of law, contact Schiller Law Group online or call 212.768.8700.

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