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Business Reorganization

Business Reorganization

Business Reorganization | Help Your Business Recover from a Financial Disaster

Because the world of business is so unpredictable, even the best run businesses sometimes find themselves in situations where they consider declaring bankruptcy.  If you are a business owner, you’ve been putting thousands of hours, and perhaps many years, of work into your business. 

If you’ve encountered a difficult financial time, don’t jump to the conclusion that you need to file bankruptcy.  As an alternative, you may be able to reorganize your business, paying off your creditors in a manageable time frame, while at the same time keeping your business alive. 

Helping Your Business Restructure to Avoid Bankruptcy

Our business reorganization lawyers in New York have helped many area businesses recover from the brink of total collapse.  We can help you analyze your operations and restructure them in ways that enhance your profitability.  In addition, we will negotiate with your creditors, helping you restructure your debts in a way that works for both you and your creditor. 

Problems You May Encounter

There are a number of different problems your business can experience that push it to the point of almost failing.  Some of those problems might include:

  • Negotiating with creditors who don’t want to deal fairly
  • Determining how to pay an unresolved tax debt
  • Using a large operating loan currently outside of your ability to pay
  • Engaging in an investment opportunity that ended up failing
  • Taking on too much debt to make an acquisition

Our experienced New York business reorganization lawyers will help you get out of the current crisis you are facing by:

  • Recommending you sell off non-essential assets to help reduce current debt
  • Identifying methods of streamlining current processes to help increase profitability
  • Working with tough creditors to negotiate payment plans fair to both parties
  • Filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to help you reorganize your business, pay off your creditors, and continue operations

Creditors and Lenders Want You to Avoid Bankruptcy Too

Our experienced attorneys have a powerful bargaining tool in their pocket:  Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If your business files this type of bankruptcy, a trustee sells all of your assets and distributes the proceeds to your creditors.  Your business also ceases operations.  Many of the debts your business accumulates are discharged during Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which means you are no longer responsible for paying those debts back.  Your creditors would rather get part of their money back than none at all. 

Schiller Law Group Helps You Receive a Fair Outcome

Our business reorganization lawyers in New York have more than 30 years of experience each helping businesses successfully reorganize during times when they are hit by a financial crisis.  We tirelessly negotiate with all your creditors, work with your key employees to streamline operations, and examine all possible avenues for helping you return your business to a healthy, profitable state once again. 

To work with our experienced New York business reorganization lawyers, contact Schiller Law Group online, or call 1-877-369-8490.

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