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Commercial Landlord Tenant Lawyers in New York | 30 Years of Experience

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, the most frustrating part of renting property is when one party doesn’t follow through on their side of the agreement.  When that happens, the tenant may desire to have the release nullified, or the landlord may proceed with the eviction process. 

Whichever case applies in your situation, it’s very stressful and another item on top of your already lengthy to-do list. 

Do you really have the time or legal knowledge to quickly and efficiently tend to the matter at hand? 

If you don’t, the experienced commercial tenant lawyers in New York at Schiller Law Group possess the skills necessary to help you receive the just legal outcome you deserve.  Because we have knowledge of both sides of the law, we have the ability to provide you with a level of insight you may not be able to find at other firms. 

Working Together to Help You Achieve Your Goals

In many law firms, lawyers prefer to operate almost entirely independently.  At Schiller Law Group, we realize that working through complex legal matters, like landlord tenant law, is best done with a team approach.  You still have your designated lawyer, but back at our firm, he has a number of experienced lawyers to discuss your case with.  These discussions may reveal powerful insights or strategies that can help you win your case. 

Some of the more common issues we encounter regarding commercial landlord tenant law in New York include:

  1. Terms:  Each commercial landlord tenant lawyer in New York at our firm will review the terms of the lease to ensure they are both correct and reasonable.  The length of the lease will also be reviewed for accuracy. 
  2. Rent Payments:  Regardless of the payment process or amounts, we can help you negotiate more workable terms and payment frequencies. 
  3. Parties:  We’ll help you make it very clear on the lease which parties are agreeing to the terms of the lease.
  4. Premises:  Our New York landlord tenant lawyers will review the premises specified on the lease for accuracy. 
  5. Expenses:  One difference between commercial and residential leases is that commercial leases contain clauses allowing the landlord to raise the rent to cover operating expenses, maintenance, and other provisions.  Our experienced landlord tenant lawyers can review your lease to make sure all the terms are fair and reasonable. 
  6. Responsibilities:  We can help you interpret and limit the responsibilities both landlords and tenants have before the lease is signed, and during the time it’s in effect. 

Helping You Achieve a Fair Legal Outcome

Each commercial landlord tenant lawyer in New York on our team has successfully represented dozens of landlords and tenants.  Regardless of which side of the dispute you fall on, we can help. 

If you need help resolving a commercial landlord tenant dispute, contact Schiller Law Group online, or call us at 1-877-369-8490 to learn how we can help you. 

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