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About Our Company

For more than three decades, the skilled lawyers at Schiller Law Group have been serving the citizens and business of New York City.  Our team-oriented approach to problem solving maximizes your chances of receiving a favorable legal outcome.

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The Schiller Law Group, P.C. represents the many faces of business today–from entrepreneurs and their growing companies to banks and other lending institutions, to mature manufacturing, professional services, retail and consumer product companies.


Our lawyers have extensive experience advising regional, national and international clients on the critical legal issues that impact their operations and projects.

Creative Approach

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, our practice groups exist to focus a full complement of services on complex problems in multiple disciplines, and we are able to synthesize our years of experience for the benefit of the Company.

Legal Practice Areas

Trade Finance Lawyers

At Schiller Law Group, our legal team has more than 100 years of combined experience in international trade finance law.

Corporate Finance Lawyers

Our corporate finance lawyers provide both private and publicly owned domestic and foreign companies with a full range of corporate legal services.

Personal & Business Bankruptcy Lawyers

Everyone goes through hard times, including both people and businesses.

Commercial Landlord Tenant Lawyers

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, the most frustrating part of renting property is when one party doesn’t follow through on their side of the agreement.

Residential Landlord Tenant Disputes

Unfortunately, whenever rental property is involved, disagreements happen between the landlord and the tenant.

Business Reorganization

Because the world of business is so unpredictable, even the best-run businesses sometimes find themselves in situations where they consider declaring bankruptcy.

Immigration Lawyes

The New York immigration attorneys at Schiller Law Group have been helping US emigrants successfully enter American society for more than 30 years.
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